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How do I connect my domain name to my website?
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In order for someone to see your website on the Internet, your web browser needs to know your website's IP address. Whereas we humans type in names to find a website, the computer is actually looking for a string of numbers on a Nameserver which forms part of the wider Domain Name System (DNS).

You could make the analogy that the DNS is like the Global Phone Network and a Nameserver is like a Phone Directory. So, just like we humans can find a person's phone number from a phone directory, a Computer needs to lookup a Nameserver to find out what your website's IP Address is.

The steps are as follows:

1) Log into your domain registrar: your domain and hosting can be with different companies.

2) Select the domain name you want to Park or Host.

3) Find the setting called “Nameserver” or “DNS Settings”.

4) Enter your Nameserver Addresses: they can be in the form of ns1, ns2, or dns1, dns2 etc.

5) Remember to Save your changes.

In the case with RightBiz Domains, we use four Nameservers. Two that point to Parked Domains without a website and two that point to hosted websites.

For Parked Domains without Hosting Use:

Name Server 1:

Name Server 2:

And for Domains with Website Hosting Use:

Name Server 1:

Name Server 2:

If you don’t know your DNS addresses, contact your webhost and they'll provide them to you.

One final thing, DNS updates can take up to 48 hours to resolve; so please be patient.

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